12.6 — 2013: Scotland,Tyskland og USA

I går fikk jeg besøk av Ian McGowan fra The Movement and Learning Centre i Scotland:

Vi fikk fin kontakt rundt mitt kjøkkenbord. Dagen etter takket han i en mail:

Dear Jon-Roar,
Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday. It was a privilege to be in your company and to hear about your work in person. I enjoyed your company and sense of humour, which extended to impersonating the Scottish tongue! It is good to laugh and have fun.
Thank you for the gift of your book. It provided good reading on my trip home to Scotland.
I would very much appreciate it if I could continue to keep in contact with you by email. I hope that this is not too much of an imposition.
Thanks again Jon-Roar and I Hope to meet you again in the future.
 Kind regards.
P.S. I will pass on your best wishes to Colwyn, who I will see soon.

Og i dag fikk jeg mail fra professor Kirsten Becker i Tyskland, hun har nå tatt kontakt med forlag for å få utgitt «Det musiske menneske på tysk.

Her er hennes mail til meg:

Dear Jon-Roar,
as I know and feel how important and deeply heartful your book is,
it is a pleasure to help publishing the book in Germany.
The drama is, that not only you and others but also brain research nowadays is so clear about how learning makes sense.
But as if all this wouldn’t exist the school system goes on treating our children
like a piece of wood you can hammer on.
I had the impression I lost a part of my creative, singing, jumping and curious little daughter
as soon as she went to school. Resistance came up and learning became a fight.
Since then she had and still has headaches.
It was a fight over years and I had offered her many times to take her out of school .
This is not allowed in Germany and you can go to prison for that and I told her I would do that for her. But she didn’t want me in prison … so…now she is 19 and happy being out of school.
This is one reason why I want your book to be published here – which is a strong motivation.


Og som det ikke dette er nok: Den nye filmboka mi «… som forandret verden. 90 år med musikk og kvinner i film» oversettes nå til amerikansk. Der skal den ut som e-bok!