11.1 —2013: Serbisk bestseller!

I går fikk jeg en mail fra Serbia. «Det musiske menneske» ble oversatt til serbisk i 2006, og har altså blitt en bestseller:

Hello, my name is Kristijan Djudja, I`m a music teacher from Serbia, and now I`m preparing my PhD from music pedagogy…
 I really appreciate your work at this domain, and I`m impressed with your book (Nadahnuto bice) which is here is Serbia bestseller and what is more important, is a book about which we, teachers have many discussions and open themes…
I write in my dissertation about music mother tongue (and a work of, for example Suzuki in Japan, Kodaly in Hungary, Bjorkvold in Norway ;-) and Russia and USA :-),, about Miodrag Vasiljevic in Serbia.,…) and about universality of music… I live in a mixed middle with Serbs, Hungary people, romanian people, slovak people, and that theme is very interesting to me…
I`m so sorry I don`t understand Norwegian language, because I`m very interested at your work and yours books, and your oppinion about this theme… more then I have read at your (for me only available) book.
Did exist some of Yours text in english language on the Internet or anywhere (P.S sorry also for my bad english)
Best regards from Serbia!